Date(s) - 04/11/2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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2019 Webinar Series

Using a Predictive Human Behaviour Model for Proactive and Reactive Ergonomics

Steven Fischer, CCPE and Mr. Steve Beck, President and CEO
SantosHuman Inc.

Date: November 04, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM EST
Duration: 60 Minutes
WEBINAR OVERVIEW – Presented in English

This webinar will highlight:

1) Advances in task-focussed human behaviour prediction; and,
2) How those advances are enhancing musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk assessment and informing upstream design. The first half of this webinar will overview the predictive human modeling software Santos® to reveal how task-focused human behaviour prediction is transforming the field of digital human modeling and removing the need to manually manipulate digital avatars. The second half of this webinar will summarize a series of case examples where Santos® was deployed to enhance MSD risk assessment and inform upstream design. MSD risk assessment examples will highlight how Santos® predictive models can inform assessment using the Arm Force Field and Duty Cycle Equation methods. Upstream design examples will highlight how Santos® predictive models can be used for trade-off analysis to optimize design based on preferred criteria.

Brief Biography of the Facilitators:

Steven Fischer, CCPE
Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo

Steven directs research in the Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics Laboratory (OBEL) at the University of Waterloo. The fundamental focus of OBEL is to understand determinants of movement behavior in the workplace. OBEL applies fundamental knowledge through three translational research themes aiming to improve: work-related functional capacity evaluation, work simulation using digital human modeling, and proactive injury prevention through the design of better, safer products.

Mr. Steve Beck,
One of Four Founders and Principle Shareholders, President and CEO, SantosHuman Inc.

Steve Beck is leading the effort to commercialize the research in predictive human modeling and simulation that continues at the University of Iowa since October 1st, 2003. One of Mr. Beck’s many strategic efforts includes the founding and branding of the Santos Institute at SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) in 2014 to provide oversight of all activities associated with the development and dissemination of Santos® Knowledge. To ensure these activities are done with academic rigor, Mr. Beck established the Institute’s Santos University Program, an official means of partnering with internationally renowned Professors in the fields of Kinesiology, Ergonomics, Human Factors, Design, and Engineering at leading institutes of higher education around the world.


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