ergoCentric Seating Systems Inc.

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ergoCentric Seating Systems is proud to work with the Association of Canadian Ergonomists in the promotion, education and practice of ergonomic seating within Canada.

At ergoCentric Seating Systems our mission is to design and manufacture the best ergonomic seating available today in both the office and industrial markets. Rather than diversify into other product lines, we have chosen to stay focused. Ergonomic seating is our only business.

That's why all of ergoCentrics' seating is designed and manufactured with firm lumbar support built right into the structure of our dual curved hardwood plywood backrests - not just foam. All of our seats are made with CFC free, fire retardant molded dual density foam with a waterfall front edge and contoured to redistribute the users' weight and minimize pressure on the legs. We use only dual curve 8 ply hardwood seat structures to support the function of the foam and ensure long lasting support and comfort.

At ergoCentric modularity means mass customization. Modularity means that ergoCentric can fit every employee with a comfortable and productive seating solution. A good ergonomic chair can adjust to fit 95% of individuals; our goal is to fit 100% of individuals. With our large selection of always in-stock optional components and our willingness to modify any of our components, we can achieve this goal - usually at no extra charge and still within our usual shipping time of 1-10 business days.

At ergoCentric we believe the right seating solution along with the education and motivation to use it results in healthy and productive people. Visit our website at to view our video "The Anatomy and Biochemistry of the Human Body in the Seated Posture". If you would like to receive a FREE CD ROM or VHS copy of our video, or to request more information on our seating solutions call 1-866-GET-ERGO.