Fellowes Canada Ltd.

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Fellowes Workspace Wellness isn’t about one product or a single wellness initiative.  Wellness is a journey.  Different people in different professions work in different ways and need customized solutions that make their workspace better and healthier for the way they work.  Our wellness products, including ergonomic tools and adjustable desk innovation, mitigate the negative effects of everyday tasks and promote the benefit of body movement and comfort in your workspace.

We are a 100-year company with a commitment to bringing value and performance into the workplace from the corporate office to the home office.  We want professionals to be the best they can be.  More Productive.  More Efficient. That is why we are committed to creating best-in-class business machines, storage products, workspace wellness solutions and air purifiers.

Our other brands include Bankers Box, AeraMax and Work Solutions (Shredders, Binding and Lamination).   

Visit us at www.fellowes.ca