Lifeform Furniture Manufacturing

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Lifeform Furniture Manufacturing is excited to now be working with the Association of Canadian Ergonomists!   

For five generations the Mortensen family has been handcrafting furniture of the highest quality. During that time we’ve proven our solid understanding of what it takes to build a superior and exceedingly functional office chair. Always keeping an emphasis on ergonomics and an unrelenting willingness to stand behind every chair we build.  

The hallmarks of anything extraordinary reside in its fine details. At Lifeform, these include the ability to customize each and every one of our chairs to fit the end-user specifically. From great first impressions to lasting statements about your standards and your style, Lifeform’s chairs deliver everything you expect from everything you buy. Superior quality. Exceptional comfort. And the bold, timeless beauty true luxury always entails.  

Don’t be deceived by the sophisticated style of Lifeform chairs. Built in are some striking advancements in the science of office ergonomics, designed to prevent and alleviate back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder tension and body fatigue. Just some of the innovative technological advancements we have made and built into our chairs include specifically engineered Contour Seats with anti-microbial Memory Foam, the highest quality Adjustable Lumbar Supports and Six Way Adjustable Arms.  

We look forward to a positive working relationship with A.C.E. now and into the future. 

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