Newsbriefs from IEA September 2019

September 2019 Edition

Newsbriefs from IEA

September 2019


IEA Council in Helsingør, Denmark




October is Global Ergonomics Month (GEM)!  Send your plans for activities during GEM to Michelle Robertson so we can post them on the IEA website! 


IEA Council Meeting. Many thanks to the Nordic Ergonomics Societies for hosting the 2019 IEA Executive Committee and Council meetings!  More than 50 IEA member society and network delegates and observers attended the IEA Council meeting in Helsingør, Denmark, 23-24 August, 2019. This and subsequent reports will describe the important activities and decisions that occurred.


Publications. The Council approved entering into a Frame Agreement with Springer Publishing. This agreement will enable the publication in English of two or more proceedings, books, or other documents each year from IEA Congresses and also from Member Society, Network, and Technical Committee conferences as desired.  The agreement guarantees many attractive features for IEA and societies or Technical Committees that choose to publish conference proceedings with Springer, including: 

•  The IEA logo will appear on all IEA proceedings and books published by Springer 

•  IEA publications will be inserted into a Springer series that is already indexed on e-Scopus 

•  Members of IEA societies will be able to obtain permanent, free access to the online contents of

volumes published per this agreement on SpringerLink by accessing a members-only area of the IEA website.

•  For proceedings, Springer will offer to volume editors the zero-cost option of using Online Conference Service (OCS) for manuscript submissions and reviews. 

Participatory Project Design Toolkit (P2DT) Workshops.  Council representatives participated in small-group workshops using P2DT, a process developed by Executive Committee members Yushi Fujita and Andrew Todd.  Workshops focused on two topics:  HFE education and IEA/member society communication and collaboration. Discussions and results were quite varied, in keeping with the global diversity of our membership! Recommendations for education included requirements to address the core competencies of HFE and to maintain a balance between academic and practical issues, and also among traditional and emergent issues and technologies. One group suggested that universities could establish consortia among disciplines to address the need for a balanced and well-rounded HFE curriculum. Critical issues will be taken up by the HFE Education Task Force, led by Yushi Fujita. 


Suggestions emerging from communication and collaboration workshops focused on the need for increased communication between IEA and member societies, and the facilitation of communication among member societies. This report initiates the use of email, website, and/or Constant Contact as venues for frequent, brief reports on IEA activities and opportunities for involvement.  

Future of Work Task Force.  Download the "Think Piece" written for the International Labour Organization.  

The Essential Contribution of Human Factors/Ergonomics to the Future of Work We Want

Kathleen L. Mosier, President, International Ergonomics Association

Juan Carlos Hiba, Chair, IEA Task Force on the Future of Work

IEA Outreach and Collaboration. IEA is collaborating with the International Labour Organization (ILO), to create high-level guidelines and recommendations for HFE in work systems. These guidelines will be used by regulators, policy makers, and heads of organizations to implement effective HFE in the design and maintenance of sustainable work systems, and for new initiatives for worker safety, health, and wellbeing. The document will be circulated globally and should have a significant impact on national and organizational policies regarding HFE in work systems design. If you are interested in reviewing a draft of this document within a short time frame (by the end of September), please contact Kathleen Mosier and Michelle Robertson

Next month:  Global Ergonomics Month initiatives and activities; collaborations with the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).




International Ergonomics Association | Canton of Thônex, Geneva, Switzerland


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