Webinar - Implementing a Global Ergonomics Program and metric system at Magna International Inc.



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April 18, 2012

11am PDT/12pm MDT/2pm EDT/3pm Atlantic

Session length 60-90 minutes including time for questions

Presented by: Gary Au M.Sc., CPE, Manager, Global Ergonomics Program, Magna International Inc.

Language of presentation: English

Implementing a Global Ergonomics Program and metric system at Magna International Inc.

A new metric system and set of ergonomics criteria was launched across 120 North American plants in 2007. A custom built web database was developed to provide a platform for each plant to manage their site specific ergonomics program as well as for reporting metrics. The 5 measured categories were: 1) Support Infrastructure, 2) Analysis and Prioritization, 3) Implementation and Risk Reduction, 4) Engineering Design and 5) Metrics and Communication. Overall, the new structure ensured a more systematic and robust method was used for identifying and reducing ergonomic risk in all plants. The central database increased the ease of sharing information by providing a central location for all plants to obtain ergonomic tools/templates, understand corporate requirements, and receive timely feedback from the corporate ergonomists.

Magna\'s goal is always continuous improvement in their ergonomics program and this webinar will discuss the steps that were taken to implement this system, as well as the strengths and challenges from the past 5 years. In this session, each of the 5 categories and specific ergonomics criteria will be presented along with input on how effective the criteria was able to translate to improving the ergonomics process in the manufacturing plants. Lastly, the latest changes, upgrades, and new initiatives developed from plant feedback and lessons learned will be presented as Magna\'s next steps for continuous improvement.

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