ACE Webinar: Interactive Handover (IDRAW) - Cognitive Human Factors at Work



ACE Webinar:
Interactive Handover (IDRAW) - Cognitive Human Factors at Work

Date: Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
Time: 11:00 to 12:00 pm MDT / 1:00 to 2:00 pm EDT
Price:  Free for regn Members and 50.00 for Affiliates


We know surprisingly little about something we do all the time. Like takeoffs and landings in aviation, Handover in healthcare is a time of great risk, this is where success and failure are often determined. Until recently, handover communication was not explicitly taught to healthcare providers ...we are changing that rapidly. By studying work as done (vs. work as imagined) we have designed a simple method which honours the complexity of care and resilience of clinicians, yet simplifies that which can be simplified.  Join Wrae to learn about how we are applying resilience engineering principles to healthcare handovers.

Presenter Bio:

Wrae Hill, Manager of- Human Factors and System Safety at Interior Health and Adjunct Professor at UBC-Okanagan

Wrae is currently the Manager - Human Factors and System Safety at Interior Health, Kelowna BC and an Adjunct Professor at UBC-Okanagan. He is also a faculty member of both the BC Quality Academy and the National Canadian Patient Safety Officer training program.  

Wrae’s academic background includes training as a Kinesiologist (Waterloo) and Respiratory Therapist,(Toronto),and Human Factors and System Safety (MSc Lund, Sweden). Wrae has spent years caring for patients, and leading others in; neonatal, pediatric and adult critical care units in; Vancouver, Riyadh, Toronto and Edmonton.

Wrae has led complex system safety investigations in Healthcare and co-developed a Patient Safety Investigation (PSI) curriculum.  His current research and QI work is in improving verbal communication at care transitions within and across healthcare sectors using modern cognitive human factors methods.

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