Simulation-based mock-up evaluation framework for healthcare



The Health Quality Council of Alberta recently released a framework which is intended to be a guiding document to support the planning and evaluation of healthcare environment mock-ups from which an improved design process can result. It was developed in collaboration with many local and international experts and stakeholders. Specifically, it outlines a systematic way to collect and analyze data from full scale mock-ups through the use of simulation, where individuals enact processes and procedures that will be performed in the space. This presentation will provide an overview of the evaluation methodology. Identifying and addressing design issues early in the design process will likely yield financial returns, improved patient safety,and could prevent decades of inconveniences.

Jonas Shultz, MSc EDAC

Jonas Shultz works as a Human Factors Specialist with the Health Quality Council of Alberta, and has 10 years’ experience working in medical human factors. He has provided human factors expertise to a variety of healthcare organizations, including Alberta Health Services, Health Canada, ISMP Canada, as well as the Center for Health Design and Clemson University’s Center for Health Facility Design and Testing in the United States. He is also an adjunct lecturer with the Department of Anesthesia, Cumming School of Medicine with the University of Calgary. The majority of Jonas’ work has focused on evaluating the design of built environments for healthcare, such as hybrid operating theatres or ambulances, minimizing human error during medication administration, and testing the usability of medical devices. Jonas has published his work in peer reviewed papers and has been an invited speaker at numerous national and international organizations and conferences in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.