Ryerson University

Faculty: Engineering, Architecture and Science

Department: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Address: 350 Victoria St.

City: Toronto

Province: Ontario

Postal: M5b 2k3

Phone: 416.979.5000 X7738


Email: pneumann@ryerson.ca

Website: www.ryerson.ca/hfe

Contacts: Patrick Neumann

Program(s) of Study

Industrial Engineering

Degree(s) Available

B.A.Sc., M.Eng., M.A.Sc., Ph.D.

Admission Prerequisites

For Graduates studies:  Engineering degree or applied science degree with minimum B+ average and at least 5 numerically oriented courses including 1 each in: calculus, statistics, computer programming, and physics.

Program Description

The Human Factors Engineering Lab is part of the Industrial Engineering group at Ryerson and offers Master's and PhD projects under the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering graduate program. Graduate projects emphasis ergonomics in healthcare and manufacturing supply chain sectors and are are tailored to the students interests and backgrounds. Interested students should contact Dr. Neumann directly to enquire about current projects. Students without engineering undergraduate degrees are also invited to apply.