Ergonomics Canada

Ergonomics Canada magazine is an annual publication aimed at providing practical information to the public on various aspects of ergonomics.

2022 Ergonomics Canada


Supporting the Next Generation of Ergonomists
By Daniel P. Armstrong & Christopher A.B. Moore

A Letter to Human Resources (HR) and Safety Professionals
By Carrie Taylor

Movement Skill for Sustainable Performance
By Rob Fontaine


Past Issues


Ergonomie Canada - 2020

Ergonomics Canada - 2020

Topic: Human Factors and Ergonomics in a Connected World: Looking forward to IEA 2021

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Ergonomie Canada - 2019

Ergonomics Canada - 2019

Topic: The Unrealized Power of Ergonomics: Economic Advantage and the Goal

Interactive/HTML Version

Ergonomics Canada - 2018

Topic: Human Factors: the “Secret Ingredient” for Improving Workplace Efficiency

PDF Interactive/HTML Version

Ergonomie Canada - 2016

Topic: La manutention manuelle des matériaux: plus qu’une histoire de soins du dos

PDF Interactive/HTML Version

Ergonomics Canada - 2014

Topic: Distracted Driving: How long until Association of Canadian Ergonomists your close call turns to catastrophe?

PDF Interactive/HTML Version

Ergonomics Canada - 2012

Topic: Protecting People from Heavy Equipment Vibration: Measurement, Evaluation, and Intervention

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