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ACE 2023 Conference / Congrès de l’ACE 2023
Oct 2-5, 2023

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Tapping the Tacit Wisdom of Technicians to Boost Performance at the Federal Aviation Administration
Dr. Clarissa Sawyer
Dec 1, 2022; 9 to 11am Pacific Time

The potential of inertial motion capture in occupational health and safety
Xavier Robert-Lachine
Oct 26, 2022; 12 to 1pm Eastern Time

Multi-task exposure assessment: A scoping review of injury causation theories and tools available to assess exposures
Sanjay Veerasammy BSc and Steven Fischer PhD, RKin, CCPE
Jun 23, 2022; 12 to 1pm Eastern Time

Understanding and Managing Mental Overload
Melanie Fordham (Wells)
Jun 9, 2022; 3 to 5pm Eastern Time

Designing research to bridge the gap between academia and industry — Power Tool Operation — Physical Capability Limits and Devices to Measure Their Demands
Joel Cort, PhD
May 10, 2022; 12 to 1pm Eastern Time

Cognitive ergonomics: Relating how people think to optimize system design, usability and performance
Laura Maguire, PhD
May 3, 2022; 2:30 to 4pm Eastern Time

Recent Advancements in Ergonomics Analysis Tools for Upper Extremity Tasks
Jim Potvin, PhD, CCPE
Apr 28, 2022; 12 to 3pm Eastern Time

Recent Advancements in Ergonomics Analysis Tools for Manual Materials Handling
Jim Potvin, PhD, CCPE
Mar 31, 2022; 12 to 3pm Eastern Time  

Older Events / Événements plus anciens

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