Recent Advancements in Ergonomics Analysis Tools for Upper Extremity Tasks


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This is the 2nd of 2 workshops that Dr. Potvin will be doing for us. Below is a link to the 1st workshop:

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022
Time: 12 to 3pm ET
Presenter: Jim Potvin, PhD, CCPE
Last day to register: April 22

By popular demand, Dr. Potvin has agreed to do a deeper dive into tools that have been discussed in previous ACE webinars and introduce some new tools. Please review the prerequisites to get the most out of this workshop.

The focus of this workshop is:

  • Recent advancements for the quantitative evaluation of upper extremity task demands.
  • To provide practical experience with
    • the Arm Force Field (AFF) method for estimating manual arm strength
    • a new tool for work above the shoulder
    • the Maximum Acceptable Effort (MAE) equation
    • the ACGIH TLV for Localized Fatigue
    • the Recommended Cumulative Recovery Allowance (RCRA) tool for evaluating the cumulative effect of multiple subtasks placing demands on the upper extremities


Skip to 30:53 in this webinar for the discussion about upper extremity tools: The New Liberty Mutual Manual Materials Handling (LM-MMH) Equations and Other Recent Developments in Physical Ergonomics, Jim Potvin, August 26, 2021

RCRA Recommended Cumulative Recovery Allowance, Murray Gibson, May 21, 2020

Establishing Acceptable Manual Forces in the Proactive Ergonomics Process: Development and Implementation of the Arm Force Field Method, Nick La Delfa, October 10, 2019

The New ACGIH Upper Limb Localized Fatigue TLV, David Rempel, January 25, 2017

OPTIONAL: The tools that Dr. Potvin will be discussing, and relevant papers are available from his cloud drive. You don’t need to look at this before the workshop.

About Dr. Potvin

Jim Potvin has a background in Kinesiology, was a professor for over 24 years and is now a Professor Emeritus at McMaster University He currently teaches online ergonomics courses for the Center for Occupational & Environment Health at the University of California – Berkeley. He is the past president of the Canadian College for the Certification of Canadian Ergonomists and the owner of Potvin Biomechanics Inc. 

Jim researches and teaches primarily in the areas of biomechanics and the ergonomics of musculoskeletal injuries. His applied research focuses on developing valid ergonomics tools to quantify injury risk in the workplace, including the assessment of manual materials handling tasks and the evaluation of risk of upper limb disorders. Jim has supervised over 70 graduate students, published over 90 scientific articles, and submitted over 40 technical reports to industry. He was recently awarded the IEA Triennial Award for Outstanding Educator.


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Jenn Marshall,
ACE Ontario Program Coordinator