Webinar: Error is not so Human

(ce webinaire sera présenté en anglais seulement)

Presenters: Heather Kahle, Danielle Lemay, Jeanne Guérin

Date: May 26, 2023

Time: 12:00 EST


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Once considered a neat and sufficient explanation to failure, the label of ‘human error’ is being challenged. In a workplace system, facilities, people, and the organizational management elements interact producing work, successful outcomes, and safety. However, simultaneously, and at the intersection of the elements, mismatches can develop. Where gaps or mismatches develop between the elements there is the potential for error.
This session introduces systems thinking explaining how error emerges from the interaction of the system components and hence why it is vital to look beyond the behaviour of individuals or separate factors independent of the context of the system of work. This session explains traditional and new perspectives on error, practical examples, and principles to understand and effectively prevent error.  Building on the knowledge that the combined contribution of all the workplace elements produces work and sometimes error provides powerful long-term solutions.



Heather Kahle, M.Sc. CRSP

Human Factors Specialist, WorkSafeBC
Member Ergo@Large 
Heather’s passion is advancing safety in high consequence and safety-critical domains through the application of human factors and systems thinking. 
As part of the HFE team at WorkSafeBC, Heather assists stakeholders in applying Human Factors/Ergonomics principles and methods to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and advance system safety. She supports the investigation of serious and fatal incidents to understand human-system interactions for the effective prevention and leveraging of lessons learned. 
She participated in the development of three Canadian Standards.  Heather is currently the Co-Chair of the Human & Organizational Performance Stream at the bi-annual Banff Pipeline Workshop and the Program Coordinator for the BC/Yukon Chapter of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) and President-Elect for the national council of ACE.




Danielle Lemay, M. Sc. CCPE

Corporate Ergonomics/Human Factors Specialist, Suncor Energy
Member Ergo@Large

Danielle is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist passionate about advancing the recognition of the profession of Ergonomist/Human Factors specialist.
Working at Suncor Energy for the last four years as the first and only ergonomist/human factors specialist, Danielle leads the development and implementation of the Ergonomics/Human Factors Management Standard, while supporting work and ergonomics initiatives across Suncor’s many sites. Prior to this, she has also acquired 10 years of experience in the aerospace industry leading and implementing Ergonomics/Human Factors processes at Pratt & Whitney, along with many other Environment, Health and Safety initiatives.
Danielle has a B.Sc. in Kinesiology from the University of Sherbrooke, and an M.Sc. in Kinanthropology, concentration in ergonomics from University of Quebec in Montreal. She is currently president of ACE for the Prairie and northern Region.


Jeanne Guérin, CCPE, M. Sc. HFE, PVT

Certified Ergonomist, Ergonovix
Founder of Ergo@Large

With over 25 years of experience in Ergonomics, Human Factors and Industrial Design, Jeanne has successfully occupied various positions internationally during her career. In Aerospace as a specialist in Human Factors (Cockpit and aircraft Interiors Design and Capsule for astronauts).
She is also a Certified Ergonomist (CCPE) in Canada with 10 years of experience in Occupational Health and Safety. With a Master’s degree in Human Factors-Ergonomics for the context of microgravity in space, and a Bachelor degree in industrial Design, her education, combined with industry expertise in Digital Human Modeling Ergonomics in a computer 3D environment and a pilot certificate with an IFR rating, enables her to understand how the Human element is engaged and reacts physically and mentally in a complex system.
Jeanne is qualified as a certified trainer from Emploi-Québec and is passionate about knowledge transfer. She has trained engineers, ergonomists, designers, manufacturing workers, office employees and trainers as well as presented papers at several occasions internationally.

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