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Guideline for the Preparation of Ergonomics Reports (Physical Ergonomics) (2018)

This document was originally prepared by the Ontario Region of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists/Association canadienne d’ergonomie (ACE). It was meant to be one of a series of Professional Practice Guidelines to be produced by ACE. It was updated in 2018 by Drs Village and Black.

This document has been prepared to provide professional guidance for the preparation and writing of reports based on physical ergonomics analysis.                          

 Professional Practice Guidelines

MSD Code Mapping Article -

Until recently, compensation and OHS enforcement jurisdictions across Canada have been describing or defining work related Musculoskeletal Disorders differently from one another based on their different uses of the coding system that workers’ compensation Boards and Commissions in Canada use to classify injuries.   This article describes how a more consistent MSD code mapping can be uses by researchers, OHS enforcement groups and any other parties interested in using coding information to identify MSDs across Canada.  (2018)

MSD Code Mapping Article

Ergonomic or Ergonomics Article -

Learn the difference in meaning between “ergonomic” and “ergonomics” and how to capture both for search engines for your company website (2019)

 Ergonomic or Ergonomics Article