Student Competition

We invite all students who are student members of ACE to participate in our student competition as a part of this year’s ACE Virtual Symposium, October 17 - 19, 2022!   Please see the information below regarding submitting an abstract for the competition and what to expect if you are selected.


Template for Student Abstracts


Abstracts should be limited to 1 page or less.


This 2-3-line summary will be translated and should capture the main point of your communication. Like a journal abstract but shorter.  This is the part that will be translated for the French/English speaking community so include your key findings.


This should explain and justify your research question.


These guidelines are intended to create consistency for all papers - please comply with all guidelines.  Stay with the 1” (2.54 cm) margins, and Arial 11 font (Title is 14pt), single space, no page #s, single column layout, 1-line between paragraphs as per this template/shell.

(Note the line between paragraphs here!) Citations should be per APA format:  (Author, year), (Author 1 & Author 2, year) (Author 1, et al., year)   


You may deviate or add to these headers if your paper requires it: e.g. for a theoretical work.  But please stay to the look & feel of the template/shell.

RESULTS (if applicable)

Tables should have a header line and figure titles below the figure.  Please fit figures in in a way that is consistent with the look & feel of the template (e.g. within margins).  There should be no hyperlinks to images etc., these must be “embedded” into the submitted file.


Briefly interpret results, limitations, strengths, next steps etc.


Briefly stated 

REFERENCES- These can be over the 1- page limit if needed

(References: as required use APA 5th format)

Khalid, H.M., & Helander, M.G. (2004). A framework for effective customer needs in product design. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, 5, 27-42.


Please forward Abstracts to @email with ‘Abstract Virtual Symposium 2022 and the level of application’ (see below) in the subject line.  All abstracts should be received by 7:00pm EST on August 19, 2022.  As spaces are limited only those who are selected will be notified by September 16, 2022. You must be a student member of ACE to participate!

Level of Applications include the following:

  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • PhD

Please note the expectations of each category:

Undergraduate students

Abstract to be received                       August 19, 2022

Notification of selection                      September 16, 2022

Single Slide to be received                 October 7, 2022

5 minute presentation on project followed by 5 minutes of questions on October 19, 2022.

Masters and PhD students:

Abstract to be received                       August 19, 2022

Notification of selection                      September 16, 2022

Presentation to be received               October 12, 2022

20 minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of questioning on October 17, 2022 for PhD students and October 18, 2022 for Masters Students.

Presentation to include slides outlining the titles in the abstract.