Change Management



When it comes to managing change, both internal and external consultants are being charged to respond to today’s increasing velocity of change. We all have a role in managing change in an effective and productive way to support the people that are being impacted by the change. As consultants we often get called in retroactively, following some sort of incident or crises. While it is ideal to get called in proactively, there are some foundational concepts that can help us out for whatever point of entry has been asked of us.


This interactive webinar will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • What is change management?
  • Why should we consider using a change management approach
  • What are some foundational concepts that can guide us as we support our clients?

Presenter Bios:

Annika Laale drove across the country from Ottawa where she lead her own consulting practice to join Alberta Health Services in May 2013 to support the organization in Change Management, Team Effectiveness  and Leadership Development bringing with her healthcare experience at the organizational, provincial and national levels. This experience has provided her a unique appreciation and respect for the intricacies and complexities of our healthcare system and the people who navigate through the system.

Annika is an Organizational Development Professional, Prosci Advanced Instructor, and Certified Change Management Practitioner, she also has her M.A. in Sociology of work and organizations and an Honours B.A. in group dynamics and social interaction. She is dedicated to continuous learning and has studied  and worked directly with internationally acknowledged thought leaders in systems thinking,  transformational teambuilding, pre-cursors to NLP, accountability and interpersonal communications as well as many others. Understanding change in complex organizations/systems begins with understanding change at the individual level - in itself, a complex system. Her passion and dedication in understanding change also flows into her personal life through all of her personal and professional development. She follows a macrobiotic lifestyle - a whole approach to health and she is certified yoga instructor - yoga being one of the oldest transformational systems and she is an outdoor lover!


Deborah Goodwin is passionate about ergonomics and the benefits that its application can yield at the individual micro level to the population macro level. Her foundational training in Human Kinetics with a minor in Psychology (H.B.Sc. from the University of Guelph) and Ergonomics (M.Sc. from Loughborough University, UK) has led to a career primarily in the healthcare industry for injury prevention. She is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist (CCPE) with a LEED Green Associate credential and Change Management Certification. In her work she leads projects in equipment selection and facility design, education and resource development, and integration of ergonomics throughout organizational processes, while ensuring purposeful consideration to change management principles.

Personally Deborah strives for challenge and growth, which have taken her from a quiet upbringing in rural Northwestern Ontario, to studying and working in England, and then moving to Western Canada where she works as a Provincial Senior Ergonomist at Alberta Health Services and lives with her husband and two children. Deborah loves spending time with her family, travel, outdoor adventures, and dance.