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Given the size of ACE-Atlantic and the number of post-secondary institutions, the executive would like to help bridge the gap and create a sub-committee for students to hear your concerns, promote upcoming competitions and keep you informed in ergonomics in Canada.  ACE-Atlantic is looking for a representative for each of the universities that highlight ergonomics in the course load.  These representatives would report to the elected Student Representative that sits on the ACE-Atlantic Executive.  Currently this position is held by Michelle Rae.  Please note that student representatives would require an ACE student membership.  If you are interested in representing your school please contact Michelle Rae at or Kathy-Lynn Lee at

Look for upcoming competitions and webinars starting in September 2014!


Also, there are currently several vacancies on the Executive Council. We are seeking individuals for the following positions:


President Elect

  • to act as a voting member of the Regional Council
  • to participate in regularly scheduled meetings of the Regional Council
  • to assume the duties of the President during temporary absence of the President, or in the event that the President is unable to complete his or her term of office
  • to succeed the President’s position at the end of the current incumbent’s term of office



  • to act as a voting member of the Regional Council
  • to be a signatory to the Region Bank Account
  • to manage the Region funds, as directed by the Regional Council
  • to prepare an Annual Budget for approval by the Regional Council
  • to provide Regional financial reports annually to the ACE National Treasurer


Director at Large

  • to act as a voting member of the Regional Council
  • to assist the Regional Council to fulfill the mandate of the Region, as per the Statement of Purpose
  • to assist with specific activities for the Region as they arise


Terms of Office

The terms of office for the President Elect and Treasurer shall be for two years. The term of office for the Director at Large shall be for one year.


If you are interested in any of the above positions please contact:

Kathy-Lynn Lee

President, ACE Atlantic

Email: @email