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The BC-YK region strives to bring the ergonomics community together by facilitating local educational opportunities and networking events. Engage with like-minded, passionate individuals and stay connected with your BC-YK peers and local news! Regional events are communicated through various social media outlets and via membership email subscription. Connect with your regional president for inquiries or networking event opportunities. 

Ever wonder how beer is made in today's tight craft beer space?

Come to our ACE technical tour of Red Truck Beer Company's Vancouver brewery. From Classic Lager to limited runs of Expressway Northwest Coffee IPA and Take 5 Citrus Kettle Sour, see how they remain flexible enough to change with the seasons--or their latest inspirations--while maintaining smooth and consistent production. From hops to bottle, kettle to keg, learn how this company combines automation and manual work and how it has resolved some of its ergonomics issues. Following the tour, join other ergonomics-minded souls at their Truck Stop to sample some hoptastic inspiration with a little ergo-soul food.

Click here to see event details.