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Laurentian University
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ergoCentric Seating Systems is a Privately Owned Canadian Company, with over 25 years in quality seating manufacturing. Our main focus is on health and productivity, while producing unique and modular chair designs and features. Working closely with ergonomists and health practitioners to continuously improve and refine our chair designs, ergoCentric Seating Systems offers a wide range of aesthetically pleasing task, executive, guest and stackable seating for the office environment.


Global Furniture Group
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Global Furniture Group is the mid-market leader in office furniture. We provide innovative and affordable products for small business and full service support for major corporate end users and design professionals.

The business climate continues to change. To enhance your opportunities for success and stay competitive, choose The Global Group. Call today and visit our spectacular new customer and learning center. Let us help you make things happen!

Goodman School of Mines
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The Goodman School of Mines is committed to professional education for the mining industry and supports programming for students in engineering, earth sciences, environment, management, Indigenous studies, northern development, and occupational health and safety. Located adjacent to one of the best mining camps in the world and on the edge of some of the most productive geology we are uniquely positioned to deliver top-flight academic programs designed to teach to the mining cycle.






With a degree in Kinesiology specializing in sports medicine, CoreChair CEO and Founder Patrick Harrison has a passion for understanding what the human body needs. The emerging awareness on the perils of sedentary lifestyle coupled with the musculoskeletal damage incurred by desk jockeys, Harrison was inspired by the widespread prevalence of back pain, the negative effects of sedentary lifestyles and the trend towards exercise balls in the office. The amount of static sitting we do in a day contributes to obesity, disease, and back pain. Alternative solutions, such as exercise balls and standing desks were introduced in the absence of sound research and provide little opportunity for physical activity and adequate back support.

The design of the CoreChair optimizes sitting posture and encourages movement in all directions and to 14 degrees; enhancing joint mobilization of the hips, pelvis, and spine; increasing blood flow and circulation and calorie expenditure. It has been research Validated as well as NEAT and BIFMA-ANSI certified.



Ergonow offers two distinct services; Ergonomic Consulting Services and Supplier & Installation of Office Products.  Our knowledge and expertise in Ergonomics provides our customers with the unique ability to offer the right services to suit all applications and needs.  We are truly a "one of a kind" company where we perform consulting services and training modules.  Our product offerings have expanded to include all office furniture, seating, sit stand solutions and a variety of office accessories.

Fanshawe College


Advanced Ergonomic Studies at Fanshawe College (London, Ontario) – Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Advanced Ergonomic Studies is a full-time program that leverages an undergraduate education with the discipline-specific knowledge, skills and experience required to prepare graduates to enter the workforce as ergonomists. Graduates are well-positioned to pursue the Associate Ergonomist (AE) designation from the Canadian College for the Certification of Professional Ergonomists (CCCPE). The first of its kind in Canada, this intensive program is delivered at Fanshawe’s London campus in two 15-week semesters followed by an 8-week field placement. Apply now for September!



MyAbilities, the leader in human asset management, is disrupting the ergonomics, employer and disability management industries with its ground-breaking new software platform.

Through a proprietary SaaS technology solution, MyAbilities is transforming how employers quantify and communicate the functional requirements of their jobs, hire and train the right employees, keep them safe and effectively manage their injuries.

The benefit to employers:

  • ability to adopt standardized job profiles or create customized, digitized job profiles (PDA’s), developing a comprehensive job databank covering all company jobs
  • see quantified demand scores for each job, allowing comparison to other job demands in your company and industry, supporting risk mitigation and optimal job placement
  • obtain graphic displays of job demands by body regions and tasks
  • make better new hire decisions and implement targeted job training
  • initiate ergonomic modifications that enhance safety and minimize risk of injury
  • use the rapid office strain assessment tool (ROSA) for video-guided workspace modifications, self-managed by an office worker

MyAbilities is broadening our service delivery network globally and will provide qualified applicants with the training, software, business development and ongoing support to help them catapult their new business utilizing the MyAbilities software services platform to generate recurring monthly revenues.

Learn more, at www.myabilities.com

SantosHuman Inc.


Founded in 2008, SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) provides virtual human-in-the-loop simulation solutions to some of the most globally recognizable companies in the World.

SHI’s solutions include both software and services which leverage an extensive body of Digital Human Modeling (DHM) and simulation research ($50M+ and counting) that continues since 2003. 

These technologies, now commonly referred to as Santos®, represent the only existing comprehensive approach to predicting human physical behavior and performance that can consider human strength, fatigue, flexibility, external forces, environmental conditions, balance, avoidance of collision, and the need to see.

Santos® technologies help our clients Avoid:

  • Market rejection based on customer dissatisfaction
  • Costly and time-consuming project redesigns


  • Amplified risk of injury liabilities
  • Ongoing budget and deadline overruns

SHI’s success is tied directly to our clients’ success and we continually strive to match our state of the art, human-centric, virtual product design and analysis methods, technologies, and services with client requirements.



We focus on developing complete ergonomic solutions to reduce and assist manual lifting. Our products save backs, knees and shoulders and help create a more effective handling of goods. We offer a wide selection of lifting solutions for everything from food manufacturing to automotive industry.

Our lifting equipment handles everything from boxes and sacks, to cheese and windshields. We can turn, tilt and rotate heavy barrels, large panels and much more. Our solutions include vacuum lifters, hoists, crane systems and mobile lifters. This means that TAWI equipment cover all your lifting needs. Experience the benefits of using one complete supplier.

Dedicated customer support is guaranteed when investing in TAWI lifting solutions and our service team will assure that the equipment never fails you. Choosing TAWI means that you get Swedish quality and reliability, in product, service and support. TAWI has served the industry for over 80 years.



TEA (Tech Ergo Applications) specializes in the development, supply and implementation of wireless measurement devices for Motion, Physical activity on the Workplace, Head and Face motion, as well as Eye, Eyelid and Gaze tracking.

Applications are numerous in a large variety of fields: ergonomics (conception, HMI, software, workplace analysis), automotive, aerospace, transportation, driving assistance, human factors, biomechanics, robotics, medical research (neurology, disability, psychology, children), sports, health monitoring,

Product : CAPTIV

In collaboration with INRS (French National Institute for Research and Safety), TEA has developed CAPTIV, an innovative data acquisition system for the synchronization of video sequences together with visual observations and sensors’ measurements. CAPTIV is a simple, flexible and user-friendly solution: a PC (notebook or other) and a DV camcorder are sufficient for implementing the system. CAPTIV also enables the processing of all saved data. Ranging from a simple pre-diagnosis tool to a complete scientific investigative and research solution, CAPTIV allows for deployment in a large variety of fields where measurements and/or observations are key requirements. CAPTIV illustrates the move towards modern ergonomics in the context of an active and scientific approach. CAPTIV is interfaced with Eye tracking systems, thus enabling the synchronous acquisition of eye movements’ data together with physiological measurements and video sequences.

CAPTIV is available worldwide through TEA’s sales network.

Also TEA distributes in France, Europe and Canada solutions for Motion Analysis and Eye-Head tracking.



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