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We are pleased to announce the 47th annual conference of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE).  The theme, “Harnessing the Power of Ergonomics” recognizes that ergonomics and human factors theory, evaluation, and design principles, not only have had a positive impact on health and safety, but that they have and will continue to impact the optimization of products, systems, and environmental designs.  The ACE 2016 National Conference hopes to celebrate the many ways in which researchers, ergonomists, and human factors professionals have used their skills to better society.

ACE 2016 will be of interest to human factors/ergonomics professionals, researchers and students, as well as members of allied professions, including: safety, health, rehabilitation, industrial hygiene, industrial design, human resources, psychology, engineering, usability, user experience and facility planning. 

Internationally renowned speakers will address a number of important topics. Ergonomists and human factors practitioners, researchers and students will present their most recent work in regular sessions or conference symposia and panel discussions. Pre-conference workshops will offer professional development opportunities.

You are invited to make contributions to the conference in the following formats:

- oral presentations (either applied or research based)

- symposia

- panel discussions or

- workshops

ACE student members are strongly encouraged to attend the conference and participate in the Student Paper Awards.

How to Submit a Contribution

Contributions can be submitted, and presentations made, in either French or English. Proposals may address any ergonomics/human factors topic within any industry sector.  Target streams for ACE 2016 include: prevention of work-related injury; human factors in accident investigation and prevention; user-centred design and the user experience; healthcare ergonomics and contributions to improved performance and design through ergonomics/human factors. Other topics may include: aging and gerontechnology; biomechanics, anthropometry, occupational physiology; children’s issues; cognitive ergonomics, engineering, design (space, job, product, organizational); environment (heat, cold, vibration, noise); human-computer interaction; human error, accidents, safety; legislation; slips, trips and falls; participatory ergonomics; rehabilitation and return to work; training, simulation, education; work organization, etc.  Practitioners are encouraged to submit case studies examining pre- and post-intervention successes and failures.

To submit a contribution, please follow the instructions in the Guide for Authors AVAILABLE SOON on the ACE website at To access the guide from the ACE home page, click on the ACE 2016 logo, click on “Author Instructions & Submissions” in the left-hand column and then click on “Go to Author Abstract and Paper Instructions”. All contributions must be uploaded to the conference website within the deadlines listed below.

Deadline for submitting a panel or symposium proposal: May 16, 2016.

Deadline for submitting a paper for oral presentation: June 3, 2016.

Notice of outcomes sent to the authors by the technical committee:  July 15, 2016.

Deadline for authors to register for the conference: August 1, 2016*.

(*Presenting authors must register before the early registration deadline or their paper will be withdrawn.)

Contribution Types

Please see the author information section on the conference pages at for detailed information on submission types and criteria and to make a submission.

Oral Presentations (15 min) – Research Based

To submit a proposal for an oral presentation, you must first submit a maximum two-page paper/extended abstract including a 200 word abstract, for review by the scientific committee. If your paper is accepted, it will be included in the conference proceedings. The paper’s presenting author must be registered for the conference before the author registration deadline for the article to be included in the program and conference proceedings.

Oral Presentations (15 min) – Applied / Case Study

To submit a proposal for an interesting case or example of when ergonomic practices were applied to address a specific problem, please provide the following:

Title (indicate “Applied / Case Study” category), 200 word (maximum) abstract and maximum 2 page description.

Conference Symposia (90 min)

These sessions are a collection of related presentations on a specific topic.  To submit a proposal, you must form a group of approximately 3 to 5 members and complete the following requirements.  Each group leader will be notified of their proposal’s acceptance or refusal by e-mail. An overview abstract including:

Title, name of group lead, 200 word (maximum) abstract, 3 learning objectives, presenter biographies (5-10 lines for each) and a 500 word to 2 page maximum summary from each presenter on their topic area.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are 90-minute sessions in which experts share their viewpoints on a topic in a panel format, followed by interactive discussion with the audience.  A 200-word maximum abstract providing an overview of the proposed topic and a list of the  panellists and their biographies (no more than 5-10 lines each) should be provided. (Note that each panelist is expected to register for the day of the conference that the panel discussion takes place or for the entire conference, in order to participate).

Student Paper Awards

A competition for the best student paper at the annual conference will be held for ACE graduate student members (Founders’ Award for Ph.D. students and J.M. Christensen Award for Master students). Participants must be an ACE Student Member to participate. The scientific committee will review paper submissions and select a minimum of two finalists per category (Master and Ph.D. levels). The oral presentations given at the conference will be judged and a winner will be selected from the finalists in each category. Accepted student papers that are not selected as award finalists will be scheduled into the conference’s regular program according to the topic of their presentation.  ACE reserves the right to cancel the competition for any category should an insufficient number of entries be received or if the papers are not of adequate quality.  Students are restricted to entering one paper into the competition but may enter others for the general conference program.


Workshops will be held on Monday, October 17, 2016.  You may submit proposals for two types of workshops: professional development for ergonomists and associated professionals, or training for the general public (possible participants: OHS managers, engineers, supervisors, members of an OHS committee, etc.). You must clearly indicate the goal of the activity, the target audience, level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), and duration (full day or half-day) and provide an overview of the workshop content (1 page maximum.  A facilitator biography should be included.

Deadline for submitting workshop proposals: May 15, 2016.

Notice of outcomes sent to the facilitators by the scientific committee: July 15, 2016.

ACE reserves the right to cancel workshops if minimum attendance is not met following the early registration deadline.

We look forward to seeing you in Niagara Falls!

Brenda Mallat                                                   
016 ACE Conference Chair       

Clark Dickerson & Jack Callaghan
2016 Technical Chairs