Author Instructions

Deadline for submissions:                                                       February 24, 2017
Notification of Acceptance:                                                      April 10, 2017
Deadline for final versions for accepted submissions:           May 20, 2017


Download the final submission template for Research based papers

Download the final submission template for Applied papers



You are invited to make contributions to the conference (in English or in French) in one of the following formats:

A) Oral presentations (initial abstract with final written contribution of 1-6 pages length) (note exception for student award and young investigator award participants, final paper must be 5-6 pages)

B) Round Table/Panel discussions,  

C) Symposia (collection of papers on a topic), or

D) 90 minute workshops.

Contributions can be submitted in either French or English and can be made from research/academic or professional practice perspectives..  

Proposals can address any topic of relevance to the themes of the ACE / ODAM 2017 Conference.


•   Organisational Design and Management                              •   Cross cultural perspectives

•   Human Factors in Innovation and design                              •   Occupational health, stress and well-being

•   Psychosocial work environment                                            •   Sociotechnical change

•   Participatory ergonomics                                                       •   Workplace Evaluation

•   Management of complex technical systems                          •   Quality and Human Factors

•   Macroergonomics                                                                  •   Ergonomics and Competitive Advantage

•   Training systems and organizational learning                       •   Occupational Biomechanics

•   Ergonomic program design                                                   •   Resilience

•   Labor market and society in change                                     •   Human Factors contributions to safety culture

•   Work organization, work relations, family interface               •   User Experience


• Health care                                                                              • Construction & Extraction Industries

• Service industries                                                                    • Resource industries

• Manufacturing industries                                                         • Technology

• Knowledge-intensive companies                                             • Small and medium sized enterprises

• Transport                                                                                 • Tourism


A:  Oral Presentations

Oral Presentation submissions will undergo the following process:

1) submission of a 1 page abstract using the appropriate template as indicated below

2) abstract will undergo blind review by at least 2 reviewers

3) authors will receive an accept or not-accepted outcome following the review process

4) authors of accepted abstracts will submit a final paper of 1 to 6 pages long (i.e. an update of the original abstract to a more detailed paper of up to 6 pages) using the appropriate final submission template and incorporating any comments provided by the reviewers (note exception for student award and young investigator award participants, final paper must be 5-6 pages)

Oral Presentation abstract types:

i) Structured Abstracts Submitted for Presentation on the Basis of Formal Research Methods

  • Please see the structured submission template posted online.

ii)  Structured Abstracts submitted for Presentation on the basis of an APPLIED PROJECT

Authors are encouraged to propose a presentation in partnership with the participating industry (management, labour, OHS representative, etc.).when possible.

  • Please see the structured submission template posted online.

B/C/D:  Roundtables/Panels, Symposia and Workshops

The organizing committee welcomes proposals for roundtable/panel discussions, multi-paper symposia, and 90-minute workshops.  

A) Symposium on a given topic area includes a group of at least 4-5 presenters to fill a minimum of one  90 minute session block. Each presenter will provide a related oral presentation of approximately 15 minutes, per the Oral Presentations. For accepted symposia, the presenters of oral presentations will be expected to submit a 1 to 6 page final paper following the final submission template for Oral Presentations (either research or applied as appropriate) 

B/C/D) Roundtable/panel discussions comprise a small group of individuals who will each provide a short 5-10 minute perspective on a given topic area.  Debates may be included.  The lead for the session will then facilitate interaction (debate and discussion) amongst the panelists and the audience.

90 minute workshop intensives allow facilitators an opportunity to provide participants with an interactive session that may include exercises to examine a tool, method, or topic in a more in-depth way.  Workshops that extend over more than one 90 minute session block will be considered.

Proposals for roundtables/panel discussions, symposia and workshops will be reviewed by the extended organizing committee.  Biosketches should be included, as indicated in the appropriate submission templates.

Please see the structured submission templates posted online.

2. Accepted papers

Acceptance of submissions for full papers will normally be for work that has been completed and of high relevance to the ODAM / ACE Community.

Authors of Oral presentation submissions, including those as part of symposia, will be expected to submit a final revised document (1 page minimum to 6 pages maximum).  During the conference, time allotted for presentation of full papers will be 15 minutes (maximum) with 2 minutes for questions.  


A competition for the best oral presentation will be held for ACE student members during the annual conference (Founders’ Award for Ph.D. students, and J.M. Christensen Award for Master students). Students submitting abstracts who would like to participate in the Student Awards Competition must:

a) be first author on the paper,

b) indicate the appropriate award category on the abstract submission form (Masters or Ph.D. level), and

c) have an active ACE membership.

Per the oral submission guidelines, those whose abstracts have been accepted will be expected to submit a final 5-6 page paper that considers the reviewer comments, when provided.

Students may submit only one abstract for the competition but are welcome to submit other abstracts for the regular conference program, as desired.  ACE reserves the right to cancel the student competition in any category where there are insufficient submissions or where the papers are judged to be of insufficient quality.

4. ODAM: The 3rd Annual Ted Brown and Hal Hendrick Young Investigators Award

This award is for young investigators in recognition of their research and project efforts within the ODAM field, and to support their career development in the ODAM area.  If you want to be considered for this peer reviewed award, you must submit your name and fulfill the following criteria:

i) The work you present at ODAM is within a five-year period following your graduation.

ii) You are the first author of the full paper, and you present the paper as an Oral Presentatino at the ACE-ODAM 2017 conference.

The candidates will be rated based on the full submitted 5-6 page paper and the presentation at the conference.



Deadline for submissions:                                                       February 13, 2017

Notification of Acceptance:                                                      March 15, 2017

Deadline for final versions for accepted submissions:             April 15, 2017


When you are ready to submit your abstract, go to the ACE-ODAM author information page at . Use the Author submission link.  If you are an ACE member, please use your login to submit your paper.  If you are not an ACE member, you will be asked to create a login.


Templates for final paper submissions for oral presentations will be posted on the ACE-ODAM 2017 author information page by the deadline for submissions. Final submissions may be from 1 to 6 pages in length (note exception for student award and young investigator award participants, final paper must be 5-6 pages).

All authors whose abstracts have been accepted for an oral presentation must submit a final paper to be included in the conference proceedings. If no paper is received, the presentation will be automatically withdrawn from the program.

Submission will be through the same form used for the abstract submission.

ONLY papers submitted by authors who have paid their conference registration fees by the early registration date will be included in the program and published in the conference proceedings. 

ACE considers that all papers are the property (copyright) of the submitting author(s) and that copyright will be transferred to ACE if the paper is accepted to allow ACE to publish the paper in the proceedings and distribute as desired.  ACE will not prevent authors from submitting their work for publication to other publishers.


Submissions will be accepted in either of Canada’s official languages: English or French.  English is the primary language in the Western Provinces and of ODAM and simultaneous translation will be offered for accepted submissions in French to translate the presentation into English.  The extent of simultaneous translation offered at the conference for English to French will be dependent on participation of English and French delegates.  


If you have questions, please send an email at