Technical Program (ACE2023)

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Oct 2

CRE-MSD Conference

  • Though not part of the ACE conference, this is a high quality event that may be of interest to many.
  • Registration is normally free but details have not been released yet for this year.
  • At the time of writing, the location for this conference has not been announced but is normally in the GTA West.

This year's topic:

The Business of Ergonomics

MSD prevention activities impact overall system performance metrics beyond health and safety, including productivity, quality of products and/or services, employee satisfaction and profits. This conference will focus on how the integration of ergonomics impacts the balance between these metrics to optimize business performance. 


Oct 3 & 4

ACE Conference

  • More details, specific times and dates will be announced closer to the conference.
  • Registration will be available via the link on the ACE2023 home page

Keynote Presenters

  • Jim Potvin
  • Rachel Mitchell

75 minute curated panels with invited experts on hot ergo topics

  • Interactions between Psychosocial Factors, MSD & Mental Health
  • Design & Ergonomics (Engineering, UX, Usability)
  • Healthcare / Patient Handling
  • The New World of Work
  • Technology, AI & Ergonomics

Other sessions include

  • Research / Case Study (Poster Session)
  • Undergraduate Student Awards (Poster Session)
  • Graduate Student Awards (Presentation Session)
  • Exhibitor showcase, both days

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